Enema Solution: The information you need

Because of the embarrassment you might experience with an enema procedure, others prefer it to be done by self-administering it, however this can be applied for non-medicated enemas. This is now becoming a health routine by many, which is why drugstores to specialty shops sell Enema Solutions and Enema Kits, which can be disposable too.

The Most Common Enema Solutions

The different kinds of enema solutions vary according to their categorization, they can be classified with their ability to withdraw water out of the body (hypertonic), absorbed the water into the body (hypotonic) or last can be neutral (isotonic).

Soap Suds Enema Solution

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Commonly used soap to make this solution is the Ivory bar soap, because of its mildness, while others used Castile soap because it dissolves quickly in water. It can also be left inside the enema bag for stronger soap suds enema. There's also a Castile liquid soap, 1 teaspoon of this for every quart of water would suffice. A known brand of this soap is Dr. Bronner's which is available in plain, with peppermint and mild for babies.


  • 2 quarts of warm bottled or distilled water (temperature should be at 105 degree Fahrenheit)
  • 1 teaspoon of Castile Soap (liquid is preferred to mix easily)

Dissolve the soap you prefer to use with 2 to 4 quarts of warm water. Prepare the Enema supplies such as an enema bag, nozzle and tubing if you have a re-usable,one sterilized all by dipping in hot water. After the enema procedure, don't forget to have a warm water rinse enema to wash out the soap enema solutions from your instestinal walls or else the soap solution will irritate the lining of your intestines.

Simple Warm Water Enema

This kind of enema is best for people who will have the procedure for the first time. Afterwards, when they are comfortable enough, they could go for a more complex enema solution. Always use distilled or filtered water as much as possible. A tap water might have chemicals that are harmful to instestinal wall lining since this enema solution is hypertonic or can be absorbed by the body. Temperature of distilled water must be taken into consideration. 110-113 degrees Fahrenheit would be enough that the body can endure exceeding temperature might scald the colon.

Coffee Enema

In preparing the Coffee Enema solution it is best to use whole bean not a pre-packed ground coffee to ensure that you get the freshest coffee solution. There is coffee made especially for an enema which uses a special coffee bean, very lightly roasted to preserve the maximum caffeine content and the palmitic acid which is the key element s for detoxification. Coffee can stimulate the liver to produce more bile. Then bile from the gallbladder will remove toxins and parasites like organisms present in your colon. Furthermore, a coffee enema can also stimulate the liver to make enzymes which help in cleaning the blood. It doesn't stop onto that coffee also acts as an astringent for the large intestine which helps cleaning the colon walls.


  • 8 heaping spoonful of Organic coffee beans
  • 8 cups Distilled water

If you don't have distilled water, you can boil 8 cups of water, then grind 8 tablespoon of organic coffee beans or you can use drip coffee, but don't use non-bleached coffee filters. Pour distilled or boiled water to the ground coffee, mix it and have it cooled at the right temperature. Then prepare the Enema supplies you will be using such as Enema Bag, nozzle and tube.

Milk and Molasses Enema

Suggested amount for milk and molasses solution is 2 quarts to be effective, however, some says that 8 ounce of each will produce a very powerful expulsion. This Enema Solution makes a large amount of gas while retention in the colon that may cause severe cramping that's why it is a recommended enema for constipation. When conducting the procedure some use a retention device to hold the enema solution inside the colon.


  • 8 ounce of warm "blackstrap" molasses
  • 8 ounce of warm milk (preferably 103 Fahrenheit)

Heat the milk in a saucepan while slowly adding the molasses and stirring constantly. Once thoroughly mixed remove from heat and let the mixture cool to 103 Fahrenheit, this temperature should be safe to administer.

Barium Enema

Barium Enema is done in hospitals or adoctor's clinic because it needs an x-ray. The procedure is done after you completely empty your colon and there's also an instruction from the doctor on how to empty your colon.

The procedure of Barium Enema is as follows:

  • You will be requested by the health care provider to lie flat on your side on the x-ray table.
  • Enema tube that is connected to Enema bag filled with barium sulfate solution will be gently inserted into your rectum.
  • Barium sulfate is a contrast material which highlights some areas in the body to have a clearer view of the image inside. Don't worry it will eventually passes out of your body through the colon with your stools.
  • The tip of an enema tube also has a small balloon which is inflated to help the barium move inside your colon. The flow of barium will be monitored via x-ray fluoroscope screen, a TV like monitor.
  • Health care providers will ask you to move into different positions on the x-ray table to get a better view. While pictures are being taken you will be asked to hold your breath and stay still for a few seconds to have a cleared shot of image.
  • The enema tube will be taken out of your rectum after the picture of your colon has been taken. You can empty your bowels in a bedpan if you can't hold it for long on the way to the toilet to remove as much of the barium as possible.

Because the enema solution is in liquid form, it is absorbed quickly by the body's system and works rapidly. Some take 105 to 300 minutes in order to achieve a full therapeutic effect. However an enema procedure has to be repeated up to two times to thoroughly cleanse the colon.

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