Enema Supplies: What do you need?

Different people use enemas for different reasons but most them are using it for taking advantage of its health benefits for having a clean colon, some for quick constipation remedies, others for detoxification and many more. To perform an enema procedure at home you have to consider the kind of Enema Supplies applicable for your condition.

Types of Enema Kit

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Various types of Enema Supplies and Enema solutions can be bought online or in your local drugstore as a kit which includes the bag or holder, tube, nozzles which comes in different sizes and the enema solutions itself. There's a reusable enema kit which requires bleach and brush for cleaning and the disposable one, with all the Enema supplies packed in the box already, sterile and sealed. Usually they are made in plastic bottle and use a saline solution. The disadvantage of reusable enemas is that they don't come with all the supplies needed for an enema procedure. Most of the times you have to buy the enema supplies individually like the bag and the nozzle for consumer who prefers other brand for every supply needed.

Components of an Enema Kit

  • Enema Bag. It comes with different types, there's rubber, a bottle made of plastic and a stainless container. A rubber bag which is commonly used by many since it's easy to handle, is compact and folds away. Sizes vary from 2 quarts, 4 quarts up to 2 liters. However because it is made out of rubber, it is often hard to clean and the latex component of the bag makes it sweat over the time of use. An enema bottle is a plastic container that doesn't need a tube. It is attached directly to the lubricated nozzle. A stainless container on the other hand is great for repetitive usage and since it is stainless, it is easy to clean with bleach making it clinically hygienic.
  • Enema Tubing. Commonly called a 'hose', is used to connect the enema bag to the nozzle. Usually included in an Enema Kit or can be bought separately. Lengths varies from 1.5 to 2 meters and with an inside diameter of 5/16' available in PVC, neoprene, silicon or even in rubber latex. The recommended among them is silicone tubing because many enema users have latex allergy. It would also be best if you could actually see the fluid flow continuously during anenema procedure.
  • Adjustable pinch Clamp. To easily slow down and stop the flow of the Enema Solutions you may press the lock-system of an Enema bag.
  • Colon Tubes or Tips. This is commonly preferred rather than the traditional nozzles this is because it does not leak and it goes deep enough to thoroughly cleanse the colon. More comfortable than the nozzle's stiffness that often results in leaks. This is also recommended for more complex enema procedure where it is necessary to deliver the medicated solution higher up.
  • Enema Nozzles. It comes in various diameters and lengths, longer or even more slender is used to reach further into the rectum best for severe constipation. Usually 2 nozzles are included in enema kit so it can also be used a vaginal douche. Do not use the same nozzle for enema and vaginal douching since this could cause vaginal infections.
  • Syringes. There are 3 types of syringe that can be used for enema procedure. First Higginsons Syringe, which has a pump in the middle of the hose. It allows a smooth flow of liquid via occasional pumping which helps greatly for avoiding cramps and to thoroughly cleanse your colon. Second is the Bulb syringe which comes in 9fl.oz, this is suitable for people who don't want too much water in the enema. It's very handy and can be easily attached to a colon tube for a more accessible squeezing. Third, the infant syringe, is ideally for baby's constipation which comes in 4fl.oz.
  • Enema Solutions. The best seller among enema solutions is Organic Coffee Enema which is specially brewed for coffee enema. This type of coffee is not for drinking or consumption because it has higher concentration of caffeine. Castile soap made of pure vegetable oils and does not used animal fat so it's gentler compared to other soaps and a favorite enema solution all over the world since it has been used for so long. Neem Leaf powder is an effective disinfectant and can be used as an herbal enema.

Now for all these parts and pieces of Enema Supplies, there are vast selections on the internet, so it will be convenient and cost effective to procure everything you need online, plus you can spare the embarrassment of purchasing an enema kit in a face to face situation and enjoy the relief and health benefits of an enema right at your home. Read on to know more about quick constipation remedies.

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